Bray Wyatt Looks Unrecognizable In 2022 Photo

Bray Wyatt was recently photographed at a wedding, and he looks unrecognizable from the last time we saw The Fiend in WWE in spring 2021.



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Bray Wyatt has been off television for awhile, and Bayley is another name fans have missed. Bayley went from a hit to a miss rather quickly in WWE’s kayfabe world. Bayley came out the gate fierce and hot and then as more talent signed on, she then went heel. Bayley’s newest character development sees Bayley as an annoying superstar who has gotten praise from the crowd, surprisingly. With new life breathed into Bayley – new contractual clauses are to be expected.

On the most recent episode of the Billi Bhatti famed podcast ‘The Dirty Sheets’, Billi speaks on all things within the very crazy world of professional wrestling. In this article, we’ll be focusing on what Bhatti has to say about Bayley and her current WWE contract.

Bhatti: “Bayley and Sasha and umm, all of those four horsemen they kind of keep reupping on the same deals. So, they’re on like a million – million and a half dollar deals after they got all of their stuff in there. I mean, their basics would be about $750,000. She (Bayley) has to have about four to five million tucked away by now.”

Wow, what a number. Bayley of course has been said to be very good with her money. So good with her money that rumor has it that Bayley is living with her mother which may or may not be to save extra money.

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