Bray Wyatt Loses Big Name After WWE Firing

Nick Manfredini, a writer who played a significant role in the creation of the beloved Firefly Fun House segments in WWE, has reportedly left the company. While the circumstances surrounding his departure remain unknown, Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall that Manfredini’s exit was “fairly recent.” However, Fightful Select has since confirmed that he left WWE earlier this year.



Manfredini had been with WWE for well over a decade, having joined the company in the spring of 2010. During his time there, he became heavily involved in the creative process of the Firefly Fun House segments, which became a fan favorite and helped to elevate Bray Wyatt’s character to new heights. His contributions were praised not only by fans but also by Wyatt himself, who spoke highly of Manfredini to people backstage.

Despite his involvement in such a successful and beloved project, Manfredini was reportedly known for downplaying his own contributions. This humility and selflessness were perhaps part of what made him so valuable to WWE and contributed to his long tenure with the company.

It remains unclear why Manfredini left WWE or what his next steps will be. However, it is worth noting that his departure occurred before Bray Wyatt’s own departure from WWE, which was due to physical illness. It is possible that Manfredini’s departure was unrelated to Wyatt’s, but it is also possible that there is some connection between the two.

Before his time with WWE, Manfredini worked on the Howard Stern Show, demonstrating his versatility and experience in the entertainment industry. Fans and colleagues alike will undoubtedly be interested to see what he does next and how his creativity and talent will be utilized in the future.

When asking around about rumored looming WWE cuts, Fightful was told that hasn’t been something that has been discussed broadly within the company, but were told of a fairly recent departure.

Fightful Select has confirmed that Nick Manfredini left the company earlier this year. Manfredini had been with WWE for well over a decade, having joined the fold in the spring of 2010. Manfredini was heavily influential in the creation and creative of the Firefly Funhouse segments.

It was also reported that, “We have not learned of Manfedini left of his own volition or was let go.”


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