Bray Wyatt ‘New Fiend’ Look Revealed In Photo

Funko Pop vinyl figures are very much popular and recently a brand new Bray Wyatt Fiend pop has hit the stores and it seems it will be in high demand.



New Bray Wyatt Funko pop has been released

They had a Walmart exclusive ready to go for The Fiend, and the toy company had to fulfill that contract. Therefore, fans can now buy a Christmas version of Bray Wyatt’s Fiend in Funko pop form. These products are being sold for around $40 each on eBay right now, but they retail for around $13 if you can find one on the shelves. Amazon previously had the exclusive on Bray Wyatt’s Fiend, but this new one glows in the dark and it has a Santa hat. Randy Orton Major ‘Heel Turn’ Rumor Leaks

The price on this Funko pop is likely to rise up around the holidays. There is a reason why WWE’s third party partners were so shocked by Wyatt’s release. His name and branding were involved in so many on-going projects.

Wyatt was recently released by WWE and there is no update on his future endeavors in the pro-wrestling. We will see what is next for him.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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