Bray Wyatt ‘Outraged’ Vince McMahon Before Firing

Bray Wyatt has very good reason to feel left out and betrayed by the company of WWE and all of those who made the choice to let such a great star who still has so much ahead of them go such as Bray Wyatt. Bray may not have chosen where to go just yet as he must wait out his 90 day no compete per the WWE, but surely there is no looking back now for Bray as he wants to just move forward. Ric Flair Breaks Silence On Affair Photo Rumor.



Via Reddit, the following was stated: “Freddie Prinze Jr was on the The Ringer’s new wrestling podcast, and talked about his love for The Fiend. He said while he can’t say exactly why Bray was released, but apparently there were very big creative issues between Bray and Vince/Kevin Dunn. Freddie said Bray didn’t do business like they would have liked, and Vince/Dunn doubled down. He also hinted that this was the reason he lost to Goldberg in Saudi Arabia.”

Many aren’t aware, but Freddie Prinze Jr was formerly a writer for WWE and still has his hand loosely in the pot as he still holds some connections there even though they are not as prevalent as they once were. Rumors have swirled that WWE let go of Bray due to weight issues (which we don’t see at all), but WWE never gave a specific reason.

It was noted by Billi Bhatti on an episode of ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Show’ at the time of Bray’s release that he (Bray) scoffed at the idea of The Fiend and Bobby Lashley going toe to toe as The Fiend would have most likely been buried as per usual.

Dustin Schumacher
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