Bray Wyatt to possibly lead another group

Bray Wyatt joined his former enemy Woken Matt Hardy at WrestleMania 34, helping Hardy win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Since then, the Eater of Worlds has worked side by side with the Woken One, advancing in the Tag Team Eliminator tournament to determine the next tag team champions.



Wyatt switched sides after the “essence” of Sister Abigail was deleted by Hardy. However, it may be a ruse by the New Face of Fear, as it’s been revealed that there are new plans for him backstage.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, an idea has been pitched that involved Bray Wyatt leading Sanity. Wyatt does seem to be at his best when he has a group around him. And not that his in-ring work is bad, but his mic skills far outweigh them.

With a new, possibly more vicious group to follow him, Wyatt could once again find himself near the top of the card. And Sanity looks to be on their way out, with the group losing their titles back in 2017 and Killian Dain failing to become the first NXT North American Champion. A call-up to Raw, or Smackdown depending on how the Superstar Shakeup goes, could mean big things for them all.

Sanity won the NXT Tag Titles from the Authors of Pain, who were called up to the main on the Raw after WrestleMania. So it’s possible we could continue that feud on Monday nights.

And the group has a habit of bringing about chaos wherever they go, so it’s possible the loss of Sister Abigail brings about a more chaotic Bray Wyatt. With Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain and Nikki Cross by his side, it’s possible that Wyatt could control all the titles on whatever show they end up on, should the WWE go forward with this plan.

However, this is all speculation and a little bit of dream booking on my end. But with the idea being discussed by creative, this would be the best way to bring Bray Wyatt back to the top where he belongs.

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