Bray Wyatt Posts Romantic Photo With WWE Diva

The former WWE star Bray Wyatt portrayed a dark gimmick when he was part of WWE. His gimmick transformed into a sinister character and had supernatural powers when he portrayed ‘The Fiend’ gimmick. He was previously released by the company. However, he has been said to be a different person altogether in real life. Wyatt(real name Windham Rotunda) has a soft and bright side in real life. He recently sent a message to his wife, Jojo Offerman, who was also once part of WWE. Bray Wyatt previously exposed lies about Roman Reigns.



Bray Wyatt sends a message to Jojo Offerman

Wyatt likes to keep his personal life private but the couple seemed to have a great Valentine’s Day. Wyatt broke his character and penned a touching Valentine’s Day message to JoJo earlier this morning. He shared some photos of him and Offerman enjoying their lives together. Along with the photos, Rotunda offered some romantic words for his love in the Instagram post. The fans are quite stunned to see the major difference in the character of his real and reel life.

Here is what he wrote:

“I hope you find someone who will stand with you when you’re on top of the world, and pick you up when you’re underneath it.

Happy Valentines Day @joseann_alexie
Thank you for being my reason”


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In other news regarding Bray Wyatt, the former WWE Universal Champion was a recent topic of discussion by former WWE writer Vince Russo. Russo, who most notably wrote for the company during the acclaimed Attitude Era spoke to SportsKeeda Wrestling’s Dr. Chris Featherstone stating and discussing why Bray Wyatt would be the perfect fit for a hypothetical Shane McMahon-led wrestling promotion. Credit to the outlet for the below quote.

“Without any thought, I want the mind of Bray Wyatt, because it’s not only what Bray can contribute for Bray… what could Bray contribute for other people? He showed us what he could do, bro, getting two characters over. He’s on a different level, and you need that kind of a creative mind, bro. I would gobble him up in a second.”

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