Bray Wyatt Refuses To Apologize After Sad Assault

Bray Wyatt was released by WWE on July 31st last year and since then the former WWE Superstar has already teased what he might do next. From what it seems, it once seemed he would be making his way to AEW far earlier than expected, as WWE may have let him have a shorter noncompete. Wyatt also appeared on March 13th, at the Showcase of Legends 7 event in Albany, New York. Braun Strowman was released last year as well.



He finally returned during WWE Extreme Rules as well, as fans simply lost their minds. He continues to cut eerie promos even now. Bray Wyatt’s return to the company at Extreme Rules was preceded by the characters of the Firefly Funhouse making an appearance in the audience.

Bray Wyatt attacked a cameraman on SmackDown, and the young man who goes by the name JT Energy has been given a lot of attention since then. While speaking to Bill Apter, JT Energy said that he had to ask multiple people about what happened after the incident.

“I had to ask multiple people what had happened because before I knew it, I was trying to go over the thoughts in my head over what I had just done, and I had a couple of people relay back to me and show me a replay of what happened. I was almost in shock the same way fans in attendance were, I hadn’t seen anything being a fan of WWE leading up to this where Bray…he didn’t seem unstable in any shape or form.” (3:52-4:32)

If he was, in some way, shape, or form was looking for me to apologize, for all I know he could have come by to apologize and I wouldn’t have even remembered it. The shock of everything that happened – everything is kind of just a blur. I’ve seen on YouTube and social media multiple times of everything that happened, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything at this point.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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