Bray Wyatt ‘Rejected’ At WrestleMania By Big Name

WWE star Bray Wyatt had squared off against John Cena at WrestleMania 30. Prior to his match he got a spectacular entrance as Mark Crozer performed his “Live In Fear” song.



Bray Wyatt theme song performance almost got rejected

Crozer recently spoke on Rain Stops Play, Crozer and reflected on his WrestleMania 30 performance. He revealed that he was instructed not to tell anyone by WWE.

Despite that, he had informed his family and took to his social media about the great news.

He almost got rejected by WWE as they were furious with the actions of the singer. Later he was informed that they did not scrap the plans. Keith Lee ‘Health News’ Stuns WWE Fans

He said:

“I had a call asking if I wanted to play at WrestleMania 30. I said, ‘Yeah, definitely.’ They said, ‘Keep it under your hat.’ So, I went home and basically told everyone. I put it on Facebook and very quickly it started to appear on various wrestling websites that I would be performing at WrestleMania. I had a very angry phone call from WWE music group saying, ‘I told you not to tell anyone.’ I felt gutted and thought I had blown it. Two weeks before, they said it was still on.”

The performance saw Crozer and his bandmates dressed as buzzards and donned Wyatt-centric gear that was a last minute call. He said:

“They had a couple of ideas, one of which was dressing up like Bray Wyatt with Hawaiian shirts. We tried that out and very quickly it was nixed because we looked ridiculous. Bray came in with a plastic bag (with the masks) and asked us to put them on. It looked great and they wanted me to wear it too, but the only problem was it would be difficult for me to sing. So we decided to do the face paint. I was quite surprised, given the size of the event and the arena, at how last minute and thrown together a lot of stuff was, but it went off splendidly,” he recalled.

Wyatt is currently off the screen since his defeat against Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37 last month.

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