Bray Wyatt Removed From WWE Extreme Rules?

Bray Wyatt may not appear at WWE Extreme Rules tonight, reports in their early show spoiler notes:



“- Those that we spoke to about the White Rabbit vignettes stepped off the gas about tonight being “the” reveal, and instead of could be “one of the” reveals. We’re not sure the context behind that or if there

– WWE was looking for a wooden bar, whiskey barrels, stools, banners, flags, suits of armor, among other things for the Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook match

– Triple H was set to have an on-screen office setup, as they had a placard made for it.”

Jake Roberts recently said on DDP Snakepit that he would’ve liked a match with Bray Wyatt and Raven.

“I would. No question.” Roberts said confidently. “Here’s the thing man, I’ve been on the road since eternity. Since they invented water, I was there when that happened. I’ve got a lot of ammunition that you’ve never seen. And now I can remember it! I’m sober.”

“You couldn’t beat a messed-up Jake, what are you going to do with a sober one?” DDP asked.

While Jake thinks he could’ve beaten the other two men easily, Roberts also called Bray and Raven “great guys” and said the trio could’ve gotten a great pop from little physicality. “We would’ve rocked the world, brother, and never had to lock up. Just look at each other.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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