Bray Wyatt ‘Replacement’ On WWE Raw Revealed

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The Bray Wyatt ‘fake’ impersonator from the WWE Raw storyline he had with Roman Reigns has finally been revealed, and it’s Beer City Bruiser from ROH. A WWE star called out Bray Wyatt for breaking ‘The Fiend’ character. Bray Wyatt has been absent from WWE TV since TLC in December 2020 when Randy Orton burned him alive. Since then, Alexa Bliss has teased his return. reports, “WWE brought him in during the Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt feud to portray the fake Bray Wyatt because they’re built similarly. Around that time, Ring of Honor offered Bruiser a contract. WWE asked him to keep the line of communication open, and they had some talks with him in 2018. He passed on the deal to stay with ROH, but is still on good terms with WWE.”

Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton is expected for WrestleMania, but Wyatt received a challenge from Mark Henry on Busted Open Radio yesterday.

“I’d rather get punked out than to get my a– whooped,” he said. “Randy [Orton] is not somebody to mess around with if you’re not 100%. Now I’m walking on two feet, I’m 325 pounds, I’m lighter, trimmer than I’ve ever been, and I plan on having a match sometime in the next six months. I just want to have one match, and if Randy is the guy, then so be it. Believe me, I’ll be ready and I won’t be on one foot on a push scooter.”