Bray Wyatt Return Leaks In Live Event Video?

Bray Wyatt is the hot topic in wrestling these days. So is the White Rabbit theme song that continually plays during Live events and even on SmackDown during a commercial break. With more details becoming available, one has to ponder over the idea that WWE is trying to give subtle hints behind the character.



There was a QR code on Raw and SmackDown and these codes had some coordinates which indicated tonight’s Monday Night Raw. Raw has been exceptional, but are we going to finally know who is the person or a group of people behind White Rabbit?

In a new tweet that has emerged, it looks like we may have more to conclude and decipher than ever before. WWE played the lighting with red and it covered the entire ring leaving only a small space to be looked into. It could be anything and could mean anything too. Wrestling Purists are trying to decode it and they think it is Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt was seen training in a leaked video and it looks like things may change for The Eater of Worlds. His persona is such that fans will have to keep guessing until it’s time for him to return. The mind of Bray Wyatt and Triple H can put together an extravaganza on any given day.

While no information has been leaked to the public, or to the media gents, it looks like the lighting may have done the magic and people may be left to wonder if it’s actually Bray Wyatt or if it will be Karrion Kross. He is also called ‘White Rabbit.’

Who do you think this is? Sound off in the comments.

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