Bray Wyatt returns to WWE TV in a video segment, introduces new gimmick

It is safe to say that when the news of Bray Wyatt’s repackaging broke out, no one really expected him to return as a host of a kid’s show. However, this is exactly what has happened on Monday Night RAW this week.



Wyatt appeared in a video segment sporting a new kid’s show host gimmick. This segment was presented as a commercial for a kid’s show called the “Firefly Funhouse”.

Wyatt hosted the show and introduced us to his friends – Mercy the Buzzard and Pamy the Witch (the two toys that appeared on the previous vignettes for his return). He also said that he used to be a “very bad man” and had a cardboard cutout of his former self right next to him.

He then proceeded to cut off his cardboard self with a chainsaw and sported a huge smile on his face.

It seems that there is more to this gimmick than what meets the eye and to truly uncover it, we’ll have to wait until Wyatt makes his official return as an active competitor.

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