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Bray Wyatt returns to WWE TV in a video segment, introduces new gimmick

It is safe to say that when the news of Bray Wyatt’s repackaging broke out, no one really expected him to return as a host of a kid’s show. However, this is exactly what has happened on Monday Night RAW this week.

Wyatt appeared in a video segment sporting a new kid’s show host gimmick. This segment was presented as a commercial for a kid’s show called the “Firefly Funhouse”.

Wyatt hosted the show and introduced us to his friends – Mercy the Buzzard and Pamy the Witch (the two toys that appeared on the previous vignettes for his return). He also said that he used to be a “very bad man” and had a cardboard cutout of his former self right next to him.

He then proceeded to cut off his cardboard self with a chainsaw and sported a huge smile on his face.

It seems that there is more to this gimmick than what meets the eye and to truly uncover it, we’ll have to wait until Wyatt makes his official return as an active competitor.

  • rob

    Well a lot of things could be good or had potential to be good in wwe, but you know how they are now, they most likely forget about it in a week or two, and he would be back to his former gimmick wth no explanation whatsoever, so don’t get your hopes up

  • Noah Cadwell

    His uncle is Barry Windham, and Barry had some creepy gimmicks before, so this will be no different, I say it will be a good one.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I will take a wait and see how it goes aporach before I rush to judge.

  • I’m not sure what I think about this gimmick. My first thought was “WTF is this garbage?!” but then I started to get a really creepy feeling about it and now I think if its done right it might be absolutely brilliant! Either way, this is the first time in a long time that I am actually looking forward to RAW next week just to see what happens with the character.

  • CC

    If the rumours are to be believed, this gimmick was actually Brays idea as well, so if anyone can make this work it is him.

    I think the amount of people crapping on this straight away kinda proves Sami Zayn right about the toxicity of fans.
    It is one thing for us to slag something off once we have seen it in action and made an informed decision, but to slag it off before we have even seen it in action just shows how the fans piss and moan that we are getting the same old crap all the time, and as soon as someone thinks outside the box and comes up with something new, we crap on that too.

    Hell, who would have thought Broken Matt was a good idea before it debuted?

  • Darrin Tyler

    if its done right, it could work. i saw that he lost a ton of weight. which is great. This gimmick though how will it play out in the ring though? That is mu thought process right now. Do they plan on using the.puppets as a backstage thing or do they plan on somehow introduce them in the ring too? His wrestling move set will probably have to change…

  • BB

    I agree 1000%. People online are shitting on it but I think it has so much potential to be very memorable in the future and become something truly unique. But this is only something that could work with Bray Wyatt and not anybody else. It also has the potential to become terrifying, like how Evil Doink could have been scary. Again, like you said, if it’s all handled correctly.

  • Sparti Love

    He sounds drunk

  • CC

    I think this could be the best thing he has ever done, and could actually be the scariest if handled correctly.

  • Brandon

    This must be the punishment for having an affair

  • Jessie L Williams II

    this is gonna be epic

  • wwemrpeeps85


  • Kristopher Robinson

    What in the bloody hell is this?!