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Bray Wyatt says goodbye in cryptic tweets

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt has an odd way with words, where no one quite understands what he tries to say. He took to Twitter during RAW and posted a few cryptic tweets, saying ”goodbye”.

Wyatt wrote: “I’m not a God, I never was. I’m sorry I said it, I was wrong. I know the true God now and all his power. I feel that I am forgiven for all the wickedness I have caused. My soul is clean now. My mind is clear. I see what I did wrong, what was done to me. They took it all.”

Bray would then follow up with another cryptic tweet, saying: “I have so many things to fix. I realize that I was sick. My mind doesn’t work like other people’s, it gets lost and attached to ideals that are unrealistic and poisonous. My next journey will be to find my true calling. This is goodbye”

Wyatt would end the cryptic messages by saying: “To all that have loved and supported us we say thank you. And ask that you have faith in us. I was put on this Earth to fix it, to change it. And I will not die until this is so. Goodbye my brothers and sisters. The journey is far from over.”.

Bray Wyatt has been off WWE television since August, where he and Matt Hardy dropped the Raw Tag Titles during the pre-SummerSlam RAW. He returned at WWE Starrcade live event, where he beat Baron Corbin. It is unknown when Bray will return to WWE television.