Bray Wyatt Takes a Dip After Last Night’s RAW, Larry Zbyszko’s Involvement with WWE NXT

– “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko recently spoke with In Your Head Wrestling Radio and talked about his involvement with WWE NXT:



“Well you know, I’ve been a big fan of NXT…they film it five miles down the road from me. I’ve been going down, and that was a big mistake because now I’m emotionally involved and entangled in all these new guys, talent that’s training there. They have the same dream I had; you can see it in their face, they want to learn. It’s really a cool place. It’s kind of like an omen to me that they would just happen to build this thing five miles down from my house. There’s really not too many people left in the business that know what I know, so it’s working out good where I’m going to be involved. When I go down there I get a chance to pass down the hidden secrets of wrestling’s illuminati to a new era; so it’s really cool…There’s a trick to it. You’ve got a whole bunch of big tough guys, but unless you figure out a way to be different …With wrestling, like any other sport, the fans get emotionally involved with their favorites…you get into their emotions. That’s the secret that they have to be taught, because they’re great athletes and have a great training facility, and they’re learning moves and becoming wrestlers, and that’s great, but to attach to the fans you have to be a personality, and you have to be able to grab that microphone and talk to people, and let your character loose and be creative. It’s a different story. Any idiot can pick someone up and throw them, but drawing money is a different animal.”

– After last night’s RAW dark main event in Washington, DC, Bray Wyatt took a quick dip in the pool of slop that was set up beside the stage for the Vickie Guerrero and Stephanie McMahon segment. Below is a photo:

Bray mud

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