Bray Wyatt teasing new design for Universal title

Bray Wyatt became the Universal Champion at Crown Jewel by defeating Seth Rollins and he is now teasing a change to the design of the title belt.



Wyatt recently posted a photo of a custom belt top ropes belts had made him in 2017. This photo as seen below has started rumors that the former Wyatt Family leader could be bringing it on WWE programming now that he is a World Champion again:

It’s worth mentioning here that the title belt for the Universal Championship was originally designed for the Raw brand so the color scheme of it reflects the red color Raw is known for.

Since Bray Wyatt won the Universal Championship, a lot of people wondered if he will be moving back to Raw but this week’s episode of SmackDown Live made it clear that it will be the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar who will be switching shows.

So now it would make sense for Bray Wyatt to change the belt with his custom design and whoever beats him for the title can later go on to introduce a new belt that suits better to the theme of SmackDown Live.

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