Bray Wyatt To Face WWE Legend In Retirement Match?

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has expressed his interest in a potential match-up between his iconic masked gimmick ‘Mankind’ and Bray Wyatt’s ‘The Fiend.’ During a recent episode of his Foley Is Pod podcast, the hardcore legend was asked which of his three characters – Mankind, Cactus Jack, or Dude Love – would be best suited to face Wyatt’s Fiend. Foley picked Mankind, citing that it would have the feel of a monster movie and that both he and Wyatt would push each other to do great promos, ultimately paying it off in the ring.



While Foley and Wyatt have never squared off in the ring, Wyatt did attack the WWE Hall of Famer on Raw in 2019 while under The Fiend persona. Wyatt’s character has been a fan favorite since his debut and has been known for its unique and eerie presentation. However, Wyatt has not been featured inside the ring since his storyline with LA Knight following his return last year. There has been speculation that Wyatt may be leaving the company, and he was notably absent from the 2023 Draft.

“If I was wrestling Bray Wyatt, it would have to be Mankind. It would have a feeling of a monster movie, and maybe we can take some creative liberties as far as the indestructible aspect goes. I think we would have pushed each other to do really great promos, and we would have paid it off in the ring.

“When I finally got to see this guy [on WWE NXT], I was blown away. I felt awful for him when people chanted Husky Harris, which seems like a dirty thing to do to a hardworking guy who’s trying to do something fun and original. Thankfully, they got over that soon, but it was unfortunate that he was treated that way.”

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Wyatt’s future, fans continue to hold out hope for a potential match-up between The Fiend and Foley’s Mankind. If it were to happen, it would undoubtedly be a thrilling and memorable event for wrestling fans worldwide.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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