Bray Wyatt ‘Weight Loss’ At WWE Fastlane Revealed

Bray Wyatt returned as The Fiend at WWE Fastlane with a new burn scars look after his burning at WWE TLC 2020. Wyatt came out from under the ring to help Alexa Bliss defeat Randy Orton. Wyatt looked like he lost a significant amount of weight after over 3 months off television. You can view a photo of Wyatt’s new physique from the PPV below. Bray Wyatt also reacted to terrible Vince McMahon writing of The Fiend.



A fan named Marcel tweeted, “Bray lost more weight talk about burning calories.”

Watch Kaisen said, “Bray looks like he lost some weight, I guess he really BURNED those calories #WWEFastlane.”

CP asked, “Did Bray lose all that weight or was that Bo?”

Rapper Bow Wow praised Wyatt today on the Heels Pops & Chairshots podcast, “When Bray Wyatt became The Fiend, for me it messed me up,” said Bow Wow. “I was like ‘now we’re talking.’ He’s there, he’s not there, the spin on the Fun House thing? That mask is probably one of the best masks that I’ve seen in a long time. He drew me back in. I bought WWE 2K19 and 20 just so I could play as The Fiend.

“It was just sad that WWE was so much a part of my life and then it was gone. It hurt me. I wasn’t seeing anything that was keeping me. The storylines became very cheesy. But the Fiend character was just a fresh breath of air. It was something new. He got me back into it.” A Bray Wyatt ‘father’ WWE debut idea just leaked.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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