Bray Wyatt Wife Reveals Photos Of Children

Bray Wyatt is very selective and secretive when it comes to his online presence and persona. Bray is one of the very few left in the world of pro-wrestling to keep kayfabe alive which a lot of us appreciate him for. Bray May have slipped up when this was uploaded to Instagram, however. CM Punk Demands Fan ‘Delete’ Bray Wyatt Photo.



Bray Wyatt doesn’t ‘let anyone in’ his world when it comes to his character keeping duties that he holds near and dear to his heart. Bray also keeps his kids near and dear to his heart along with his wife, JoJo Offerman. You may remember Jojo from WWE as she is a former WWE announcer.

The photo that was taken of JoJo and her and Bray’s children were most likely taken by Wyatt himself, in my opinion, but of course, there is no word on that as there wouldn’t be anything official with Bray being extremely strict with his social media appearances.

The photos of JoJo with the kids and the kids in individual photos can be seen on JoJo’s account on Instagram. Comments on the photos pertain mainly to JoJo coming back to WWE. However, it looks like JoJo is completely happy being a mom to their children.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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