Bray Wyatt WWE Raw Return Spoiler Revealed

Bray Wyatt will have a pretaped promo air on WWE Raw tonight, Xero News reports.



Grayson Waller is one name that is active in the NXT circuit. He along with others may have a lot to do with the ‘Wyatt 6,’ the new faction of Bray Wyatt. While this is not an official name yet, speculations are high that this will be the name given to Wyatt’s faction.

Grayson Waller had a different approach to the situation as he tweeted something that makes different sense. His tweet was about Apollo Crews and at the 28-second mark, he had something to showcase without knowing it. It was Wyatt’s lantern that looks like a disembodies head.

It must be noted that WWE kept giving signals on what they wanted in the return. There were QR codes, coordinates, and a surprise of White Rabbit. While there was no White Rabbit that came through the stage, there were White Rabbits around the arena and even through the entrance of Bray Wyatt.

Bray is a person who has immense talent and does know how to put two and two together. He can create characters that will be remembered for a long duration. It’s his approach that has caused these new characters to appear in the Wyatt 6 faction. Whether it becomes successful or not is something, we would have to see.

Wyatt knows how to pull the characters off as he did it in the past too. He knows when to make a character count and to make it worth the time of the WWE Universe. Will Grayson Waller be involved in it in some way? We would have to wait to find out the answers.

What do you think will happen due to this video? Sound off in the comments.

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