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Breaking: Billy Corgan Reportedly Suing TNA

  • CC

    I bet the likes of Cody and his wife are starting to regret going to TNA.

  • Chisox4ever

    I don’t know why Corgan got involved with TNA to begin with. It’s a fact that Dixie Carter knows nothing about running a business. If her brain was gasoline it wouldn’t power a flea’s scooter around a raindrop.

  • The Killswitch

    Lol you don’t need to try to avoid a swear filter.

  • Hulk “Gawker” Hogan

    Feast of Fired, Rage in a Cage TNA Terrordome match with Homicide trying to escape the cage.

    Get your a s s up; there private pile!

  • D2K

    Make it a Company-In-The-Bank match with the deeds to the company in a briefcase suspended above.

  • The Killswitch

    Dixie Carter just got on The List.

  • Vince McMahon

    Dixie v Corgan “Rage in a Cage” match.

    Make it happen at the Hardy house compound

  • Nicholas2778

    Dixie can’t even do this right. What a horrible business woman when it comes to Pro Wrestling. WWE price just go lower.

  • Will Henderson

    the continuation of TNA’s downfall is getting worse and worse, at this point, i wouldn’t be surprise if TNA see’s a mass exodus of talent just like AJPW had when Mitsuharu Misawa formed Pro Wrestling Noah and all but 4 wrestlers left AJPW, but the difference between TNA and AJPW is that AJPW’s owner died and the widow of it’s owner was not a good owner while in TNA, the owner is just a stupid idoit who don’t know how to run a business let alone a wrestling company and the owning the wrestling company is the reason why she’s not involved in her family’s energy company. even her family knows she’s not a good businesswoman.

  • jgdjgdklj

    lol what in the world? What a mess indeed.

  • D2K

    A COMPLETE mess. He never should have gotten involved in a first place. Should have stayed where he was at.

  • The Killswitch

    What a mess.

  • M

    I wonder if selling anything to WWE is a part of it.