Breaking: The Dudley Boyz to be inducted into Hall Of Fame

WWE has just innocent via a post on their site that the legendary tag team and former 16 times tag champions the Dudley Boyz will be inducted into the Hall Of Fame this year.



Below is an excerpt from the post announcing their induction into the Hall Of Fame as seen on

The WWE Hall of Fame will need to stock up on tables because The Dudley Boyz are moving in. The Dudley Boyz’ journey to the WWE Hall of Fame began in Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1996, when Bubba Ray and D-Von, the sons of the unseen Big Daddy Dudley, were on opposite sides of a family feud among brothers clad in tie-dye and thick-rimmed glasses. Eventually, Bubba Ray and D-Von joined forces and kicked off two decades of tag team dominance. And now, The Dudley Boyz will take their rightful place in sports-entertainment history on what is sure to be an incredible night.

The Dudleys will be joining Goldberg into the Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony, taking place Friday, April 6, during WrestleMania 34 Week in New Orleans.

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