Breaking News – Kurt Angle Arrested This Morning

– TNA World Champion Kurt Angle was arrested this morning after a female TNA star that he was dating in, who had an active order of protection against him, spotted Kurt following her while she was at a Starbucks this morning. It’s believed the female TNA star is Rhaka Khan, who Angle was dating. Media outlets are saying she is a current TNA star which would rule out Karen Angle. The order of protection was issued against Kurt this morning at his home.



Angle was pulled over by police in Robinson Township, PA after the woman he was allegedly stalking called police. Angle was found carrying “a capped syringe and two vials of Human Growth Hormone Hygetropin” in his car. He claimed he had a valid prescription for the HGH.

Kurt has been charged with driving with a suspended license, illegal possession of HGH, harassment and breaking an order of protection.

Media outlets in Pittsburgh are already picking up on the story. According to a TNA source, Angle is still expected to perform at tomorrow’s TNA Hard Justice pay-per-view in the main event.

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