Bret Chants Were Ready at RAW, WWE DVD Updates and More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– WWE recently sent out a memo in the UK regarding interviews with talents. The memo read: “With all WWE talent interviews we need to know which publications are going to run the interviews before we can sign it off. Please avoid any wrestling titles as we can’t work with them.”

– The most shipped WWE DVD’s of 2009 are WrestleMania with 242,000 units, Rise and Fall of WCW with 163,000, Greatest Stars of the 90’s with 117,000 and the Best of SNME at 132,000 units shipped worldwide.

– WWE’s website averaged 12.1 million unique visitors in November 2009, the lowest in a long time. Despite the drop in traffic, they still averaged 1,000 orders per day for the month of November on their shop website. This is probably the highest number since the Holiday season in 2008.

– WWE had a “we want Bret” chant pre-recorded at the RAW a few weeks back in Dayton, Ohio when Bret Hart made his WWE return. WWE didn’t end up using it as Bret got a good reaction but had the chant ready as a back-up plan in case Bret didn’t get a big reaction from the crowd. Think of the “Goldberg” chants WCW used to pipe into the crowd for Bill Goldberg back in the Nitro days.

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