Bret Hart Calls WWE Diva Greatest In The World, Superstars Mock The Miz

– It seems like The Miz isn’t the most popular superstar during travels. He recently tweeted about losing his voice and is currently suffering from laryngitis as reported here. Below is what some WWE stars thought of that:



Eve Torres: Thank God! Right b4 the flight to Iraq. RT @mikethemiz: “Only problem is my throat is killing me n I lost my voice”

Hornswoggle: Back on the road, great news that I found out tho is that @mikethemiz has lost his voice. Thank you god!

– In an interview with Ministry of Slam, WWE legend Bret Hart has high praise for WWE Divas Champion Melina Perez. In the interview, he says: “I think there’s some great wrestlers in the WWE. I think Melina is, you know to me is really creative and imaginative, and she’s an innovator and she comes up with some great matches, I love watching her wrestle. In a lot of ways I think she’s the best wrestler in the world right now.” Hart has praised Melina’s work in the past and said she is his favorite wrestler today. You can incidently listen to that full interview with Bret Hart via mp3 here.

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