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Bret Hart Criticizes The WrestleMania Intercontinental Title Match

  • Rick

    Old man bret hart screaming “get off my lawn” again

  • D2K

    No, his complaint was what I said it was. NO ONE had any complaints until Bret opened up his big yap. Now all of sudden the match was bad. There were no more botches that match than in any other multi-person ladder match. There were plenty called spots in that match that were choreographed. WWE doesn’t even allow you out there without them. In fact matches today are over-choreographed. There were also uncalled spots. This is the SAME FORMULA IN EVERY MULTI-PERSON LADDER MATCH, but since no one else sees it that way I’m done here.

  • Yespage

    I think his complaint is that the match is merely a spot match with no cohesive plot to it, and the mechanics of getting up the ladder quickly (or slowly) wasn’t appropriately choreographed.

  • Solid

    I do agree that they seem to want to find a bigger spot every year for some things and it detracts from the whole, just look at Kofi Kingston and the rumble and every year he finds some way to stay alive etc.. before him they had Rey Mysterio to be the rumble clown/spot guy.

    Same thing with the ladder matches, it’s like they think the *have* to go bigger and ‘spottier’ (im sure that’s a word right? 😛 ) or in their eyes it wont be as good as the previous ones or something.

  • Solid

    “water? meh, 4/10, water was better in my day you know” 😛

  • D2K

    When you have seven guys in the ring you don’t have a choice. Ladder Matches were designed for highspots. Especially matches like MITB. You can’t “tell a story” with seven guys in the ring. Just like a battle royal is just free for all. Highspots are the only way everybody in the match gets showcased. He’s just a guy that has gotten used to hating everything he doesn’t agree with and throws shade at anything and everything in wrestling that doesn’t glorify HIM.

    When you’ve been angry for a very long time, it starts to become comfortable after awhile. Like old leather. Eventually if you continue with that frame of mind you’ll get to a point where you can’t remember feeling any other way. It will become “normal.”

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I can honestly agree with him. But I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or a good thing. I have always been a very good fan of the ladder match, but on the other hand, I do feel they just simply try to put to many “spots” into the match and it kind of ruins that match.

  • D2K

    On the next episode, Bret Hart criticizes water for being wet.