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Bret Hart On Being Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer And The Owen Hart DVD

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart recently appeared on RingRustRadio to talk about his prostate cancer and more. Here are the highlights.

You announced Monday that you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer. How do you plan on spreading awareness and helping those going through the same situation as you?

I think just by being open and honest about it. Letting people know that I’m in the fight, and as I go through it, I’ll show people just that. Hopefully in the near future I can prove to people that I will overcome this battle and be on the better side of it in six months or so. Hopefully, people will gain strength from that and use me as somebody they can look up to if someone in their family or themselves goes through it.

Recently your brother Smith reported that Owen Hart will not be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. First, can you confirm or deny this news, and second, did you think this was the right year for Owen to be inducted after the success of the recently released Hart of Gold DVD?

I can confirm it to a certain degree, but no one has told me officially. I have heard from various family members that are closely tied in with WWE that it doesn’t look like Owen is being inducted. I think it’s a real shame and it breaks my heart. The main obstacle I think is his widow Martha, who is really obtuse and kind of a bitter woman that never understood that it was of the wrestling fans or wrestlers that killed Owen. It’s pretty easy now to look back on it and see that it was really just an unfortunate accident. I think Martha is guilty of burying and doing nothing to help keep Owen’s memory alive. Wrestling fans have every right to remember Owen and cherish his career. A lot of people loved Owen just for the type of person he was and not just the wrestler he was. A lot of wrestling fans got to know him over the years and miss him. I just think it’s really sad that Martha is still so obtuse and has it in her head the only ones that can grieve over Owen are her and her kids and everyone else can go to hell. The rest of us miss him too and I don’t agree with her and her idea on how to remember Owen. It’s a shame that she can’t accept that fans love him and miss him just as much she does.

You can listen to the interview here: