Bret Hart on Most Promising Star Today, Favorite Storyline, Heel Wade Barrett & More

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Bret Hart did a Q & A on his twitter (@HitmanBretSHart), here are some highlights:

Influence for him in wrestling: “Probably Dory and Terry Funk or my older brothers”

Current wrestler that has the most promising ability: “Daniel Bryan”

Current status with WWE: “We’re on excellent terms but no plans for anything right now.”

Still holding a grudge with Bill Goldberg?: “Never had one. I have great respect for Goldberg. What happened to me was an accident.”

Favorite angle he was involved in: “Canada vs USA angle with the Hart Foundation”

Is Melina still his favorite female wrestler?: “Her, Nattie Neidhart, Beth Phoenix, and Gail Kim are the best female wrestlers today”

Thoughts on Randy Savage: “Of all the wrestlers I know, I probably miss Randy Savage the most. He’s a hero of mine.”

Does he feel Hulk Hogan avoided a match with him?: “I know he did”

Would he induct Shawn Michaels in the WWE HOF?: “I would like to induct Shawn but Triple H makes more sense.”

Which of the Hart Brothers, who were never in WWE, could have been successful in WWE : “Smith”

Best all around in ring performer in WWE: “Right now Orton, Sheamus, McIntyre, and Mysterio. Super dedicated.”

Most rewarding aspect of his return last year: “Reuniting the Hart Family in a concerted effort with a joyous ending.”

Thoughts on MVP: “Great wrestler and a great guy and I look forward to his return someday.”

His favorite period as Champion: “1997”

His closest friend in wrestling: “Roddy Piper”

His match with Diesel at Survivor Series ’95: “It’s always been one of my personal favorites. Pretty solid match. And the table wasn’t gimmicked.”

Do any of his brothers still train wrestlers?: “My brother Bruce pretends to, but it’s more a school where you learn everything not to do. My brother Smith has a school in Barrie, Ontario”

Thoughts on the Miz: “I like him. Always liked him. Just wish he’d give me a title shot.”

Does he regret his time in WCW?: “I wish I never left WWE, if that’s what you mean”

Thoughts on Tyson Kidd: “He had a strong year but it looks like he’s going to have to work his way back around.”

Thoughts on John Cena: “One of the hardest working guys in the history of the WWE.”

Last time he spoke to Owen’s kids: “It’s been so long, I can’t remember. Maybe six months after he died.”

Thoughts on CM Punk: “I think he’s uniquely gifted. By the time his career is over, he’ll be recognized for his greatness.”

Best Canadian wrestler: “I still count Benoit. But Edge is killer. no pun intended obviously”

Does he watch TNA? How he would improve their product?: “I don’t watch TNA. I’d have Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff tar and feathered.”

Any regrets?: “I wish I reached out a little harder to Bulldog, Crush, and Test.”

Least favorite move to take: “A Powerbomb”

Thoughts on ROH: “Nothing but respect. Some of the hardest workers in the business.”

Who created The Sharpshooter?: “Sure as hell not my brother Bruce.”

Thoughts on Wade Barrett: “I thought he was the hottest heel in the business. As a fan, I hope they didn’t drop the ball.”

Thoughts on David Hart Smith: “I’m patiently waiting for him to find his greatness. HIs time will come. Mark my words.”

Favorite match: “vs. Austin @ Wrestlemania.”
Least favorite: “vs. Backlund @ Wrestlemania (not my opponent, the match itself).”

Favorite opponents: “Perfect, Owen, Austin, and the Bulldogs.”
Toughest opponents: “Vader and Goldberg.”
Least favorite opponent: “Bad News Brown. He never understood how to make anyone. Zero psychology.”

Who he’d wrestle today: “I’d like 20 minutes with Orton, Cena, Sheamus anytime.”

Favorite PPV he was part of: “The In Your House Calgary Stampede pay per view in 1997”

Thoughts on Alberto Del Rio: “A unique, classic Mexican heel that’s easy to hate. Which means he’s doing his job.”

Will we see Owen in the HOF?: “I sure hope so.”

Thoughts on the Iron Man Match with Shawn Michaels: “I was concerned with the difficulty but I never had any doubts about my ability.”

Thoughts on Michael Cole: “Michael Cole does a piss poor job of putting over a lot of the talent. He couldn’t lace Jim Ross’ shoes up.”

His relationship with Shawn Michaels: “Shawn and I are on good terms and we stay in touch.”

Still holds a grudge with Ric Flair?: “No, I just feel sorry for him. It’s too sad to see a guy work so hard and have nothing left.”

Thoughts on his match with Vince McMahon last year: “It’s far from my greatest match but it was beautiful all things considered.”

Thoughts on The Undertaker: “Undertaker is one of the most consummate professionals inside and outside the ring.”

If he could, who would he reform the Hart Foundation with: “Christian, Edge, Jericho, Trish, and the hart dynasty”

Working as a heel against Jerry Lawler in USWA: “Working with Lawler was fun and easy.”

Thoughts on Tiger Mask: “Tiger Mask was ahead of his time. Next to Rey Mysterio, he was the best lightweight”

His relationship with Triple H: “I’m on decent terms with HHH, too.”

Favorite match he was not involved in: “Lesnar vs. Angle at WrestleMania”

The best Japanese wrestler: “Tatsumi Fujinami”

Thoughts on Hulk Hogan: “Hogan’s nothing but a two-faced, backstabbing, steroid freak who deserved everything he got.”

Would he open a wrestling school?: “I think about it. Maybe one of these days.”

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