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Bret Hart reveals how Vince McMahon lied to him about his first WWE title reign

Bret Hart

  • JC Bolden

    That’s a fair statement to make. He can control his narrative though. Bret makes it seemed like he got screwed his entire career when he answers these questions. The guy had a great career full of accolades. Plans change, people change, and things happen. He just cant get over anything.

  • gEtOnMyLeVeL

    I don’t even doubt that Vince said that. But you would have to be a fool to believe that. By then Brett had worked for that company for years. Did that really makes sense as something that would likely happen? I know he thinks he’s the best that ever did it, but he would be boring to watch for six or seven years as champion. And as far as Hogan taking that spot from him, I seem to recall Hogan losing that title at the Next pay-per-view which means Hogan held the title for less time then Brett did.

  • What are you talking about? Vince literally made promises right and left, back in the day. He was notorious for making, and breaking them. There are far too many stories from any number of former talents and employees, to actually disbelieve that he promised people the sky at times. The idea of ANYONE being champion for years in the modern era is ridiculous. But regardless of the time frame, the fact is, he did tell Bret “you’re our guy now”, and then went right back to Hogan at WM9. Even though Hogan up and left the WWF mere months later. Yoko beating Bret at WM9 was not a bad move, the guy was a legit monster at the time. Hogan coming out and getting the belt within seconds right after? One of the worst booking decisions in wrestling history.

  • To be fair, if you actually listen to him in these interviews, he isn’t being “woe is me”. People ask him questions, he answers.

  • JC Bolden

    Does Bret ever doing an interview without bashing someone or giving a woe is me story. I grew up liking Bret but all his complaining is tiresome.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Hogan had literally just had a 4 year run as champ just a few years before the time period Bret is talking about. It was definitely possible. Unlikely that it was a promise, and more of a “this is the direction we might go”, though.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Now, I have zero doubt that Vince is a liar, but like… I don’t think this was a case of Vince lying.

    I think this was a case of plans changing, and not in the Dave Meltzer way. Actual, legitimate plans changing.
    I’m pretty sure there was a sincere belief at the time Bret became the champ that Hogan would not be coming back, that his time in the WWF was done, and then when Hulk bailed not long after his return, Vince realised that you can’t risk putting all your eggs in one basket anymore.

  • Sparti Love

    Vince doesn’t make promises. That may have actually been how he felt at the time, though 6-7yrs is a little ridiculous.. Even his golden boy, Diesel, only had it nearly a year. Plans change quite frequently based on audience, ratings, ticket sales, etc. The only champ reign Brett should be pissed about is his 1day title reign he lost to Sid

  • Kimchee#2

    It was

  • hodgie_guy

    6-7 Years as champion? I highly doubt that was promised. Things change, characters change, the audience changes. In today’s wrestling world the audience gets bored with a champion after 6-7 months and are always looking for the “next” guy to get the title, I am sure it wasn’t much different 27 years ago.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Vince McMahon a liar?

    Well there’s a shocker *sarcasm*