Bret Hart says there’s a lack of drama in the WWE

The Hitman is extremely critical when it comes to the current wrestling product, no shock to anyone. Bret Hart has been outspoken over the changes with wrestling since his early retirement, often claiming that the stars of today could look to his past work as a guide.



Back in 2016, Hart was extremely critical over Seth Rollins, comparing him to Goldberg as far as injuring opponents. Hart went on to say that he never injured anyone in the 23 years he was in the ring.

Well, this time, the Hitman’s complaint stems from the lack of storytelling in matches. While in the UK, Bret Hart spoke with talkSPORT. While there, Hart claimed that there is a serious lack of drama in the WWE ring.

I think I was a better storyteller than any of the wrestlers they’ve got today. I watched WrestleMania this year and there’s no drama anymore. They do some amazing stuff, there are some incredible athletes, but people don’t know how to tell a story.

Wrestling has its flaws, it will change again as people get tired of the ‘phoney’ wrestling. I watched my match with Davey Boy at Wembley with some journalists in a bar and they almost bought into it like it was real.

The fact that fans reacted so strongly to those two British Wrestlers (Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate) shows you it might be going back in the other direction.

What do you think about Hart’s comments? Is the storytelling in the WWE subpar? Do they leave something to be desired? Or is Hart over criticizing the product?

H/T to Cageside Seats for the transcription.

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