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Bret Hart sounds off on Owen Hart not being in the WWE Hall of Fame

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart recently appeared on CBS’ In Your Corner podcast and discussed his brother Owen, specifically how deserving he is of a Hall of Fame place, and his widow Martha.

“Owen was the nicest, kindest, most adored wrestlers for his kindness, like, he’s not remembered for his high-flying, and he may be remembered for his practical jokes, but more importantly he is remembered for the kind of guy he was and being a real friend to people when they were struggling or got depressed and were bummed out about being away from their home all the time. Owen was one of those kind of guys where it was almost like magic where he could pick your spirits up and make you smile to get through the day. There are a lot of great wrestlers who haven’t got their pat on the back at the Hall of Fame and it started bothering me to the point where I don’t think I will go again to any of the ceremonies until they put in proper, deserving candidates.”

“Just about anyone can be in it, and it doesn’t really matter if you were a great wrestler or what your accomplishments or contribution were to wrestling. Then you have the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, who never even made it in WWE, they are in it. Terry Gordy and the [Fabulous] Freebirds are in it when they were too drunk to make most of the towns. I was there in the dressing room when Andre the Giant fired all three of them. They were not great role models or hard workers.

”You look at the people they have in the Hall of Fame, even some of these celebrities in there, and you go: For me personally, with Owen not being in the Hall of Fame, there is a lot of people that belong in the Hall of Fame that are not in it. If it turns out that WWE is going to keep being a Hall of Fame that caters to suck ups and people that are in the company that feel they owe a favor to but never contributed to the business as wrestlers, I question the whole Hall of Fame itself, and I wonder if there will ever be a real Hall of Fame that really caters to just the wrestlers.”

Martha Hart is perceived as being the main reason Owen Hart has not been inducted into the Hall of Fame and it seems others agree with that sentiment. One of those, Mark Henry, pleaded to Martha during his personal HOF induction speech to allow for Owen’s entry, and Bret Hart also had his say on Martha’s conduct around Owen.

“Oh yeah, I think Martha, Owen’s widow, is a very obtuse, square-headed person,” I think she has done more to erase my brother Owen’s memory than she ever did to remember him. I think it really bothers me that the fans that love Owen so much don’t get a chance to remember him. You do these kind of things for the people that are here left to remember them.”

Bret went on to say that he hopes WWE go against Martha’s wishes and put Owen in the Hall of Fame anyway.

“I don’t think I will go again to any of the ceremonies until they put in proper, deserving candidates.”

Let’s hope WWE grants that wish because ultimately there are few more deserving than Owen Hart.

  • Soulshroude

    Ha!!! We ain’t got time for that.

  • Ugh

    If that’s the case, we might have to wait another forty years.

  • Soulshroude

    It’s a very old issue. Martha already stated around 20 years ago that she never wants to see Owen in the Hall of Fame, Bret is correct.

  • Sarrkazztic

    Yep, the writing on this site sucks

  • Brian

    If WWE was going to release new merchandise in honour of his induction, yes I could see needing her permission, but inducting him shouldn’t require her permission.

    Maybe Bret Hart or someone in WWE could enlighten us on the particulars.

  • Maybe why

    Martha probably has the rights on the use of his likeness, so while WWE might be able to show his old matches, any merch or video game appearance would have to go through her. I would assume it would be like that for the HOF, just like Savage’s family had to sign off on Macho Man getting inducted. Obviously if Owen goes into the HOF, they’re going to want him to be the 2K cover boy, release a dvd, figures, the whole nine yards.

  • Brian

    Why does the WWE need Martha’s permission? If she doesn’t want to show up, or accept the ring, fine but that shouldn’t be a determining factor on whether Owen gets inducted or not.

  • Vincent Dale

    “There are few less deserving than Owen Hart.”

    Do you want to read that sentence again and correct it. Readers shouldn’t have to do your job for you.

  • Please Martha,change your mind

    Martha’s refusal to work with WWE is only tarnishing Owen’s legacy. As the years go by, fewer and fewer people will remember him and get to appreciate what he did for the business. Owen died a senseless death, but Martha’s unwillingness to partner with WWE to honor the man means that Owen died for nothing. Nothing will bring back the man, but who he was could live on forever. And this is coming from someone who wasn’t even a fan of Owen’s.