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Brian Pillman Jr. on the iconic “Pillman’s Got a Gun” segment

Brian Pillman Gun Segment

One of the highlights of the Attitude Era was the bitter and heated rivalry between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brian Pillman. The most memorable point in their feud was when Austin threatened to invade Pillman’s home, with the Loose Cannon threatening to shoot Austin should he make good on that threat.

Pillman’s son, Brian Pillman Jr., spoke with Chris Van Vliet about working to follow his father into the wrestling business and had a chance to discuss the infamous segment.

I remember being there. I was in the house and the crew guys were like, ‘Hey everybody, stay upstairs,’ and me and my little sister freaking out. Stone Cold is circling the building and trying to find a way in and then all of the sudden we hear the glass break and the rest is history.

Seeing it on TV and that pure emotion, that pure anger of someone invading your home. What would you do? Of course you’d pull out a gun, right? It’s natural, pure, organic stuff.

The WWE, then WWF, was heavily criticized for the segment in the following weeks but continued on with more gritty storytelling that would ultimately launch them into a new age.

You can see the rest of the interview with Pillman Jr. in the video below. Pillman discussed his first year of wrestling, training with Lance Storm, and his mullet.

  • Soulshroude

    He was unstable, and was known as a loose cannon and was often considered a sociopath by his coworkers. He would fly off the handle at just about anyone who didn’t agree with him. He was outcasted and considered a loner till the heart foundation took him in, before he died.

  • Joseph D. Martinez

    Why was he considered a sociopath?

  • Noah Cadwell

    What do you really know of Pillman, I know he was one of the best workers out there, have you really watch any of his matches, he even made Brad Armstrong look good in that match, I remember having an old issue of the WCW magazine (yes, they were real, where in a backstage interview with the former Scotty the body saying that Pillman was a great wrester face or heel, and that was back in 1993.

  • Soulshroude

    Pillman was a Sociopath, why is his son, relating this story? Nothing will EVER clear Brian Sr., Mr. Pillman of ANYTHING.

  • CC

    This was not part of the attitude era, but was certainly one of the early signs of that change in direction.
    This happened in late 1996 and the attitude era started in late 1997 (Network says December by WWE often says Survivor series that year was the start).
    Sadly Pillman died just at least a month before the Attitude era even started, so this feud was not a highlight of that era.