Brian “Road Dogg” James resigns as SmackDown co-lead writer due to frustration with Vince McMahon

After we posted that one of WWE’s creative team was fired on the spot at the WWE Hall of Fame this past Saturday, PWInsider is also reporting that another member of the team has left his role as co-lead SmackDown Live writer, but resigned instead of being fired – Brian “Road Dogg” James.



The recently inducted WWE Hall of Famer has been a writer for the company since 2012 and in his current role since 2014, however has become frustrated with WWE CEO Vince McMahon making changes to the show’s script. The April 9 episode in Brooklyn was reportedly the “breaking point” for the D-O-DOUBLE G.

His co-lead writer Steven Guerrieri is reportedly still in role, but it is said the position has diminished in importance lately as it is mainly responsible for ‘pitching’ to Vince McMahon, who is making the final calls on WWE’s television.

Whether James will take another role in WWE or leave the company has not been confirmed, but if he does exit, there is sure to be speculation he may join his old tag partner Billy Gunn in AEW, who incidentally may find a home on Turner television.

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