Brie Bella Has Backside Out In Beach Photo

Brie Bella has posted a new beach photo with her backside out, as seen below.



Brie Bella is married to Daniel Bryan, and Nikki Bella was previously engaged to John Cena, who just got mocked by a UFC legend. Former UFC star Chael Sonnen has continued to troll the former 16-time WWE World Champion John Cena. The former made a comment on the WWE star’s latest tweet.

Chael Sonnen takes a shot at John Cena

Cena is an active Twitter user known for posting inspirational lines on the social media platform and is followed by over 13 million users. The Hollywood actor earlier shared a tweet via his account saying:

“Our choices do not need to change the world, but in many cases they are chances to change our world.”

Sonnen immediately reacted to the tweet with a joke saying:

“I think you are confusing lives with WORLD. We all live in the same World.”

This isn’t the first time Chael Sonnen has responded in jest to the 16-time pro-wrestling world champion. Last week, the former UFC middleweight replied hilariously to another tweet from Cena, which read:

“Onward doesn’t always have to be forward. Onward can mean accepting and processing setbacks, working thru them, absorbing the lesson they yield. Onward.”

Sonnen’s reply to the tweet read:

“Ummm, no. It definitely does mean forward.”

John Cena was seemingly in plans to face Mr. Money In The Bank Theory in a blockbuster clash at SummerSlam. However, WWE has seemingly decided to move in a different direction. Theory recently won the Money In The Bank briefcase that contains the contract for a guaranteed Championship bout. Reports have been floating around that the Cena-Theory match has been delayed until WrestleMania 39. 

Cena appeared on the June 27 episode of Monday Night RAW to celebrate his 20-year anniversary as a WWE Superstar. While there was a small backstage confrontation between himself and Theory, it didn’t lead to a match like many fans were predicting. Theory is eyeing to reclaim the WWE United States title from Bobby Lashley and also has his eyes set on Roman Reigns for the Unidisputed WWE Universal Championship.Cena won’t be competing at SummerSlam this year,

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