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Brie Bella went into “deep depression” over injuring Liv Morgan

In a recent interview with Digital Spy to promote Total Bellas, Brie Bella openly discussed the negative fan response to her knocking out Liv Morgan on Raw and how it affected her:

“Yes, it definitely is, because first off it’s crazy how I’ve been wrestling for 12 years and one of my major mistakes in the ring I get judged so harshly on.

”We’re not perfect, no one’s perfect, you know how many people have been injured in the ring? But for some reason I was like showcased in such a way of like, this evil person, and ‘look what she’s done’ and I got bullied really bad.

”I wanted to run into a cave and you’ll see. I don’t think people have ever seen me break down as bad as they will during the whole Liv situation.

”I went into deep depression. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to go back to work. All the horrible things people were saying about me, I felt a thousand times worse than the things they thought of me and I really had to sit down and think to myself, ‘Brie, you’re a mother’ and if Birdie was in this situation would you want her to feel this bad or would you want her to stand up to it and be like ‘Screw you guys?’

”I made a mistake and she’s not badly injured and you know what, this is our business, this is what we all signed up for.

”Everyone’s going to see backstage even how Liv and I were with each other. Out in the WWE ring, we have to play so much, bad guy, good guy, don’t talk to your competitors, but backstage you’ll see that we’re all really close and it affects us.

”We never want to go out there and hurt each other so when it happens it’s emotional. But people are going to hear my side of the story and my voice and how it’s about damn time that trolls stopped going on the internet and bullying everyone.”

Thoughts, guys?

  • CC

    He was sticking up for his wife, something he would not have done for most other )people I am sure (you don’t hear him defending Jax for instance). But I am sure if anyone asks him, without mentioning her incident and if there is such a thing as a non-serious concussion I am sure his story will be different.

    I suffered a very mild concussion 20 years ago, and even that has left me with after effects. And there is a reason that the medical industry call them mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury). The word “traumatic” gives it away.

  • Keith Learmonth

    People did that after this very incident, and he said then, that he’d made the exact mistake Brie made, and that people had done it to him, and that accidents happen. If his opinion on the matter is worth so much, perhaps we should listen to it.

  • CC

    Nobody said anyone gave him concussion. I said ask him how serious any concussion is.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Yeah, but again, I didn’t see anyone copping the level of heat that Brie copped for giving Daniel a concussion. When it happened to him, it was “Oh well, bad things happen, I wish Daniel could come back”, not “I hope the person who gave him the concussion dies in the ring”.

    Then again… that could be because most of Daniel’s concussions were his own fault, and completely avoidable. The Diving Headbutt is a stupid, dangerous move.

  • oppa

    Funny, Liv went into a deep concussed state after this injury.

  • Soulshroude

    Again… poor baby. Grow thicker skin… she’s a wrestler, not a hipster or Millennial.

  • Killswitch

    It could have been. Regardless, the part that struck her hard was the bullying.

  • Kyle Abraham

    ”I made a mistake and she’s not badly injured and you know what, this is our business, this is what we all signed up for.”

    Hmmm, cuz any concussion that happens to “clear up” in 2 weeks won’t have long lasting effects or anything. I played hockey for 12 years, first concussion ended my career. I felt fine 2 weeks later, got cleared, got back on the ice, suddenly I can barely stand because I’ve lost all sense of balance. You can’t predict when the side effects of a traumatic brain injury will occur. To this day I suffer from a lack of balance, and it’s not like I look clumsy, it’s full on collapse, like someone punched me and knocked me out on my feet.

    How dare she say it’s not that serious?! The only reason she even touched on this subject again was to drum up more views for Total Bellas. Clearly any “remorse” she felt for hurting Liv was feigned. As far as all the hate she gets compared to men that have done similar things, well not that many men that I can recall that have botched that bad that many times in a short period. Hell, not many women either, pretty much Brie and Nia Jax.

  • CC

    Any concussion is serious. Next time Morgan gets one, she might not be so lucky.
    Just because she was lucky enough to recover quicker than some does not make it “not serious”. That’s like stabbing someone, and because they don’t happen to die, saying it was not a serious wound.
    Concussions potentially have longer lasting effects .. just ask Bries husband seeing as he lost three years of his career due to the amount of concussions he suffered over his career finally taking their toll.

  • Keith Learmonth

    It wasn’t a serious injury, though?
    Liv missed… what? 2 weeks?

    Personally, I blame this on WWE. They keep making her wrestle like Daniel Bryan instead of Brie Bella.

  • Soulshroude

    The injury wasn’t “that” bad… poor baby.

  • Robert

    Yeah Rollins was blasted after hurting Cena, Balor, and Sting. They were calling for his head. Not sure where he got a pass.

  • CC

    Don’t be so silly. I have seen numerous people bag on Seth Rollins for injuring people.
    The difference here was she came back from nowhere, got pushed above harder working talent and was botching moves left right and centre, then ended up injuring someone.
    The fact that she says in this “woe is me” article that it was not a “serious injury” kinda says everything about her.

    Yes everyone makes mistakes, and some of them end in injury to others, but the IWC will always make comments about that, regardless of gender.
    The only reason the likes of her and Jax get so much aimed at them is because they do so many botches, simple.
    Had this been her only botch it would have been treated no different to any other, but in the space of about 2 or 3 weeks she managed to nearly kill herself at least twice, and nearly put someone on the shelf.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Plenty of male wrestlers -have- done the same thing, though. Even Daniel Bryan openly talked about the fact he did pretty much exactly the same thing in the past.

    Seth Rollins utterly destroyed Cena’s face, and everyone was like “Hell yeah, dude, mess Cena up!”

    The thing here is that there is a double standard. Brie was held far more accountable than other people have been for the same type of mistake, because the IWC likes to play the “she’s only there because of who she’s sleeping with!” card, despite also believing that WWE hates Daniel Bryan.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Given the amount of B.S she got from the same people who praise Sabu’s in-ring skills, I’m not surprised.

  • Rinn13

    She shouldn’t have been “bullied” and harassed about the situation. But it was also a horrendously stupid, bad “mistake” for her to make, especially being, in her words, a “12 year veteran”. If a male wrestler had done the same thing, only fools would be kind and try to positively spin the situation for him as if it wasn’t his fault.

    What happened was 100% her fault, and it is the sign of a bad wrestler. When people like a Ryback or a Sheamus or whoever injure other wrestlers, it’s usually because they aren’t good/safe workers, and they deserve criticism for that.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    It’s crazy how often these women try to say the victim. It wasnt just the Liv situation, it’s a culmination, of all the botches shes done since returning.