Briscoe Brothers/WWE Update, Possible SmackDown Feuds, JR-WWE

Partial source: Wrestling Observer



– CM Punk vs. John Morrison and Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho are matches being advertised for SmackDown live events in February 2010.

– The December 4th episode of WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown scored a 1.79 broadcast rating.

– ROH tag team The Briscoe Brothers have been at WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling all week trying out. They also were in attendance at the last FCW show of 2009 this weekend.

– WWE Hall of Famer has announced on his website that he’s signed a short-term contract extension with WWE.

“My contract status with WWE has changed somewhat,” Ross wrote in a Friday blog. “We have agreed to terms on a contract extension for a few months to allow me to completely heal from Bells palsy #3. I don’t expect to go back on the road until, at the earliest, March but that is an approximate time frame. The story making the rounds that I’m targeting WM26 to return to the airwaves makes for a good story but it is not accurate as I am hoping that I heal quicker and can get back in the game in some form sooner than March 28. That particular issue isn’t up to me.”

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