Britt Baker on Dentist Job turning into a joke: “It was a hard pill to swallow”

Britt Baker is one of the leading ladies of AEW and she’s also a Dentist, in case you didn’t know. The AEW Superstar recently appeared on Talk is Jericho podcast as a guest and talked about a number of things, including the popular “She’s a Dentist” joke.



Baker said that it took her a long time to become a Dentist and therefore, it wasn’t easy for her to see it turning into a running joke.

I had a hard time with that at first to me because becoming a dentist took 8 years and it was the hardest most grueling thing I think I’ll ever have to do while I was training to become a professional wrestler.

So, when that kinda turned into a joke or a meme or something that it was an on-going rib that, for me was a tough pill to swallow. I was like,’ damn I worked so hard for this and now they’re using it against me.

It took Baker some time to accept this new reality but now she’s found her footing and is using this joke to her benefit. Baker’s heelwork on AEW has received a lot of praise from a lot of people and this running gag is one of the primary reasons why.



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