Brock Lesnar being advertised for an unusual Raw episode

PWinsider is reporting that the WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is being advertised locally for the August 28th episode of Monday Night Raw. This is a surprising news as WWE is normally very careful about Brock’s appearances.



The Beast usually appears on WWE programming when it’s essential for the buildup of a match or on the show just after an important PPV such as WrestleMania.

However, the 28th August Raw episode will take place 1 week after SummerSlam PPV which is scheduled for August 20th and there would be one more Raw episode between these two events.

So unless the company has plans for Lesnar to defend his title on the next Raw exclusive PPV after SummerSlam No Mercy, his appearance on the mentioned Raw episode makes little sense.

What exactly WWE is planning will be revealed in future but considering the fan backlash the company has been facing about Brock Lesnar not defending the Universal Championship more often, a championship defence at No Mercy is not completely out of question.

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