Does Brock Lesnar have a bad backstage attitude?

Tony Schiavone has an amazing podcast called What Happened When where he and co-host Conrad Thompson dive into a subject from Schiavone’s long career in Southern Wrestling.



Pyscho Sid was brought up on an earlier episode of the series and some light was shown on his poor backstage attitude.

Schiavone said of Sid, “I don’t remember anyone that I talked to, any of the wrestlers who liked Sid Vicious […] I may have been wrong, there may have been some, but nobody had a kind thing to say about him.”

Conrad Thompson said Tony and him have a mutual friend who is not Ric Flair and Sid’s name was brought up in conversation. Thompson said, “They compared the way [Sid] behaved in the locker room to the way Brock Lesnar does today. He was very ‘I’m here all about the business, I don’t care about any of this bulls—. I’m not here to be anybody’s friends, tell me what time to be there I’m gonna show up as late as possible, I’m gonna leave as early as possible, my checks better clear or I’m outta here.'”

Quotes in this article goes to What Happened When and Still Real To Us for the transcription

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