Brock Lesnar ‘Bad’ WWE Contract Leaks

The former WWE star Brock Lesnar is currently a free agent following his loss at WrestleMania 36 against Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. This is not the only time he has exited the company.



WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard recently opened up on Lesnar’s legal battle with WWE and Vince McMahon following his first exit from the company.He had parted ways with the company back in March 2004 after a stint of couple of years on the main roster.

Why Brock Lesnar was in a legal battle?

It was revealed that Lesnar’s contract stated that was not allowed to join any other companies until 2010. Cody Rhodes ‘Buried’ By Top AEW Star?

Prichard recently opened on that incident during his Something to Wrestle With podcast. He talked about the legal battle that took place due to the contract clause.

However, after both the parties came to an agreement in June, 2006, the case was dismissed. Prichard said:

“Sometimes you just reach a point of enough and being done with it and you move on, and that’s pretty much where we were at that point,” Prichard said. “It [WWE’s thought process] was you protect your IP [intellectual property] as much as you can, you try to protect – that’s why you have contracts – and do what you have to do.”

Lesnar had started talks for a return in 2005. Bruce Prichard  who was the part of WWE Creative team at that time revealed that he showed no interest in creating storylines for Lesnar until his return was confirmed. Bruce Prichard said:

“But then when it’s over [the legal battle], at some point you’ve just gotta move on,” Prichard added. “And from our vantage point that was something the lawyers were battling with, and that’s not anything that we were in a day-to-day, ‘What’s the status there?’ There was never at that point, ‘Okay, well, he’s coming back here.’ That wasn’t what we were looking for, so I really didn’t care [as a creative team member].”

Lesnar had made a shocking return to the company back in 2012 and immediately involved in a feud with John Cena.

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