Brock Lesnar Banned Raw Star From Using Move

Brock Lesnar is currently the WWE Champion and he made his way to the main roster after grinding in the developmental stages of WWE which was Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). He used to work with Shelton Benjamin as a tag-team back in the day. Benjamin recently claimed that ‘The Beast Incarnate’ had once asked him not to perform the 450 Splash. Benjamin noted that the last time he tried to execute the move, he injured himself.



Shelton Benjamin reveals advice from Brock Lesnar

The duo is former OVW Southern Tag Team Champions and have won the titles on three different occasions. While the top rope moves are of high risk, Lesnar had advised Benjamin not to perform the 450 Splash. During a conversation on Fightful, Shelton Benjamin revealed what the reigning WWE Champion told him about the risk that comes with using the move:

“The last time I did it I got injured,” said Benjamin. “I banged my elbow and I had to have surgery on it. That’s pretty much why I took it out of the repertoire. Then, going further, there’s a lot of stuff I used to do that I just stopped doing. Believe it or not, this is advice that Brock gave me. It was very good advice. He said, ‘If you can hit it ten out of ten times, do it. If you can do it nine out of ten times, never try to do it on TV.’ So it’s just I don’t want to screw up on TV. It’s just as simple as that. I can still do a lot of stuff. I just choose not to because one—why? Two—the margin for error is greater than I want to risk.”

Lesnar also stopped performing the shooting star press after the move caused a career-threatening neck injury to him.
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