Brock Lesnar ‘Beat Up’ WWE Star Before He Died

In a recent episode of The Undisputed Podcast, Chavo Guerrero, a renowned wrestler and the nephew of WWE legend Eddie Guerrero, shared a captivating story about Eddie’s encounter with Brock Lesnar, another WWE icon. Chavo recounted a heated incident between Eddie and Lesnar that occurred leading up to their highly anticipated WWE Championship bout at No Way Out in 2004.



Chavo began by acknowledging Lesnar’s incredible strength, stating that many people fail to truly grasp the sheer power possessed by “The Beast Incarnate.” After their match, Eddie was visibly upset because Lesnar had been excessively rough with him during their encounters in the ring. Feeling the impact of Lesnar’s stiff moves, Eddie was fueled by frustration and decided to confront Lesnar about the issue.

According to Chavo’s recollection, Eddie pulled Lesnar into his dressing room, demanding his attention and expressing his discontent. The intensity of the situation was palpable, leaving Chavo wondering if he would need to step in and assist Eddie in a physical altercation with Lesnar. However, much to his surprise, the two wrestlers managed to resolve their differences and find common ground. Chavo vividly remembers Lesnar looking at him after the incident and stating, “You know I was going to beat up Eddie in the ring, right?”

Following the confrontation, Eddie developed doubts about Lesnar’s willingness to put him over in their upcoming WWE Championship match at No Way Out. Fearing that Lesnar might not cooperate, Eddie mentally prepared himself for the possibility of engaging in a genuine fight with “The Beast Incarnate.”

“Brock is such a strong guy, people don’t really understand how strong he is. After the match, Eddie was pissed because Brock stiffed him a bunch of times, that Eddie felt. Brock was working, but he was working so hard. Eddie pulls him into his dressing room and he’s like, ‘Brock! Get in here!’ They get into the dressing room and I’m like, ‘Am I going to have to open this door and help Eddie fight Brock?’ When they got out of there, they had straightened it out, and I remember Brock looking at me and going, ‘You know I was going to beat up Eddie in the ring, right?’

Eddie came to fight. He was ready to die with honor [laughs]. He was like, ‘You never know what’s gonna happen out there

Chavo humorously recalled Eddie’s mindset, highlighting his determination to fight with honor, even if it meant risking his own well-being. Eddie approached the bout with a mindset of readiness, fully aware that anything could happen in the heat of the moment. That said, Lesnar humiliated an actor recently as well. 

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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