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Brock Lesnar confirmed for SummerSlam

Brock Lesnar

After months of rumors and speculations, Brock Lesnar has finally been confirmed for the upcoming SummerSlam PPV, according to Wrestling Observer.

Lesnar has been subject to many rumors and things have constantly been changing when it comes to his next title defense and future with the company.

At one point, it even looked like he won’t be a part of the Biggest Event Of The Summer and his UFC return had only strengthened the belief that he may miss the show.

Some reports even suggested that everything may not be well between him and WWE, leading to speculations about whether or not we’ll see him dropping the title clean.

Though while his opponent has not been confirmed yet, after the news that he will indeed be wrestling at SummerSlam, it’s safe to say that we’ll get an idea about his wrestling future at the upcoming PPV.

  • CC

    Well if the rumours are true, and he only has one match left, I don’t see why they would have to pay him to drop the title. If he tries to Bret Hart them, they will just screw him over somehow.

    He might be a genuine tough guy, but numbers game would go against him.
    Throw in stipulations like the title being able to change via DQ or count out, and then if he does not play ball, you just strip him of the title.

  • oppa

    Braun cashes in on him. It will cost them $500,000 to get the belt off of him, but then everyone can move on.