Brock Lesnar ‘Grabbed Neck’ Of Fired WWE Star

Former controversial WWE star Matt Riddle found himself in hot waters during his run with the company. He didn’t make much of friends and it seems that Brock Lensar was one to tell him to keep his mouth shut about it.



In a recent virtual signing with Signed by Superstars, ex-WWE Superstar Matt Riddle spoke about the backstage incident involving Brock Lesnar during the 2020 Royal Rumble.

Matt Riddle had an issue with Brock Lesnar backstage at the Royal Rumble. Lesnar’s bodyguard offered to help the Beast Incarnate out when it came to handling Riddle, but Lesnar had it taken care of.

“First time I met him, I had talked a lot of trash, so I kind of had it coming. I thought it was all in good spirit and good fun, plus I was on the indies, never thought I’d even get signed.“

“So I’m at Royal Rumble, my first time on the main roster, I’m super stoked, and I see Brock Lesnar, and he walks next to me. And I’m like, ‘What’s up dude?’ Then all of a sudden, his security guard, who I’m good friends with now, came up behind us and he goes, ‘You need help with this?’ And I’m like, ‘What?’ And then Brock grabs me by the neck, and he didn’t like ragdoll me, but he grabbed me by the neck, then proceeded to tell me we would never work together and keep my f*cking mouth shut.”

Matt Riddle caused some controversy when he publicly expressed his desire to have a match with Brock Lesnar. However, Riddle was instructed to stop tweeting at main roster talent while he was in NXT as there were no plans for a match, and Lesnar was not pleased with his actions.

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