Brock Lesnar Huge WWE Draft Rumor Leaks

The former WWE star Brock Lesnar was speculated to return at recently concluded Hell in a Cell pay-per-view but he did not make his comeback. Now it seems, it is not yet time for him to return as fans will not be seeing him in WWE ring amytime soon. It is becaused he has not been included in the creative plans.



Brock Lesnar is not returning to WWE

Ringside News had reported that they asked about the possible talks between Lesnar and WWE. It was certain that if they agree upon a deal, The Beast would surely return.

They reported that Lesnar’s name was not on a list of proposed names for the upcoming WWE Draft. When his name came up in conversation, they were told that “it was made clear ‘there are no plans with Brock. We’re not even in discussions.’Charlotte Flair Speaks Out On Becky Lynch Feud

We will have to see if Lesnar and WWE come to an agreement later on, but as the situation stands, this will not happen anytime soon. It is also noted that the WWE Draft is being planned for the last week of August into the first week of September.

The former WWE Champion’s return will certain help WWE boost up the viewership. It is not known why the two sides are not talking but we will see if the deal goes through in the future.

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