Brock Lesnar Humiliating Video With Riddle Leaks

WWE star Matt Riddle is hilarious even when there’s a brutal brawl around him. Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley were set to have a split-screen interview but only The All Mighty showed up. However, The Beast’s music hit and he made his way down to the ring.



Matt Riddle tries to break up Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley brawl

Brock said he didn’t come to Texas for a sit-down interview with Bobby Lashley, he came to RAW for a fight. ‘The All Mighty’ then made his way toward the ring and Lesnar ran onto the entrance ramp to ignite a brawl. Several WWE stars and security rushed to the entrance ramp to break up the brawl. Brock and Lashley continued to trade words while they were being separated.

Matt Riddle was one of the WWE stars that tried to break up the brawl and he used an interesting technique to do so. ‘The Original Bro’ busted out his flip flop and threatened Brock Lesnar with it as seen below:

Brock Lesnar recently returned to WWE on an episode of RAW and attacked Lashley before his scheduled title defense against Seth Rollins. Lesnar beat Lashley down and hit him with a couple of F5s. Bobby Lashley Seth Rollins capitalized on the opportunity and was able to convince Bobby to accept the match despite the attack. The Visionary easily defeated The All Mighty to capture the United States Championship. Now, Lesnar and Lashley are set to collide at Saturday’s Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.


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