Brock Lesnar Is Banned From WWE Until…

Brock Lesnar has been absent from WWE since his match against Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam last year. That has led to massive speculation about his future with the company. Amid the rumors and concerns, the condition for The Beast Incarnate’s return has been revealed.



It has been noted that he was originally scheduled to participate in the Royal Rumble event. However, the plans were altered in the wake of legal complications stemming from Vince McMahon’s trafficking lawsuit.

Alongside his absence from WWE broadcasts, Lesnar has also faced additional setbacks in his relationship with the company. Notably, he was excluded from the roster of the latest WWE video game WWE 2K24 and removed from WWE Creative’s plans. These developments have raised concerns about the status of Lesnar’s future in WWE.

As per Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was reported that Brock Lesnar needs to be cleared by WWE’s legal team for him to make his comeback. However,  that has not happened yet.

”Regarding any rumors of Lesnar returning, he has to be cleared by WWE legal (remember WWE is still a defendant in the Janel Grant lawsuit) and that hasn’t happened yet.”

It is to be seen when ‘The Beast Incarnate’ will be making his triumphant return to WWE television. The timeline of his return is still unknown as the fans continue to wait for his return.


Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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