Brock Lesnar Late To WWE Night of Champions

WWE Night of Champions Premium Live Event is set to take place in few hours in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It seems that Brock Lesnar arrived to the country late.



WWE’s Night of Champions event will have a big opening match, and a massive main event as well. The show is being promoted as having three main event match, the other one being Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar.

Cody Rhodes has been in Saudi Arabia for a couple of days now. He was a featured part of the media conference yesterday as well. His opponent is another story.

Brock Lesnar came in late at Night of Champions

Ringside News reported that “Brock Lesnar arrived a few hours ago in Saudi Arabia. He hasn’t been around Jeddah all weekend.”

Brock Lesnar travels in his own private jet to Saudi Arabia, and he always has. This is not unusual for him, because he has the money to travel in luxury. Odds are, he will be one of the first WWE Superstars out of the country after Night of Champions is over as well.

Cody Rhodes had defeated Lesnar at Backlash with a roll-up pin. Recently their feud reignited when ‘The American Nightmare’ was once again brutally attacked by Lesnar during the match. He even hit an F-5 through the announcer’s table on Rhodes. Lesnar also cost Rhodes a match during the tournament for World Heavyweight Championship. Since then they have been going back and forth in brawls. They will have a chance to settle the issue inside the ring at Night of Champions.
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