Brock Lesnar Major Raw Spoiler Revealed

Brock Lesnar made it known on Smackdown that he is a free agent and he can do what he wishes to do. Brock Lesnar is not married to either WWE brand currently. This means that at any day, he can be wherever he wishes. This also makes it obvious that WWE needs ratings on both shows pretty badly. Braun Strowman Huge AEW Rumor Leaks.



PWInsider (via CSS) has said that there is a belief that Brock Lesnar will be at RAW this week for night two of the draft. They also said that there is a chance that he will sign with RAW given that he called himself a free agent.

PWInsider also said that there is an expectation that free agent Brock Lesnar will show up on next week’s episode of Raw. With Brock Lesnar being a free agent, it’s a really good twist to WWE. As stated above, WWE knows that they are lacking in ratings and the best way to utilize the lack of stars that they have is to have them run on either show.

I think we will be seeing more stars go this route as WWE’s roster is insanely small in comparison to where it used to be just last year.

Special thanks to Sportskeeda.

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