Brock Lesnar & Mandy Rose Bombshell Revealed

WWE recently teased the fans on NXT 2.0 ‘Great American Bash’ episode. During the show, a QR code randomly popped up on screen, prompting viewers to scan it. Upon scanning the code, fans were directed to this page on the WWE website containing a mysterious message – the numbers 8:10:11.



While WWE did not elaborate on the QR code, fans on social media are speculating that the numbers 8:10:11 could be related to an NFT or even a new stable or Superstar. Furthermore, the alpha-numeric code of the message represents HJK, which several fans believe could be the name of a new faction or wrestler. WWE has dropped another tease on this week’s “NXT 2.0.” episode.

Brock Lesnar was referenced in the tease

The QR code popped up on the screen immediately after Solo Sikoa dumped Mr. Robert Stone into a huge trash can following his backstage brawl with Von Wagner. Upon scanning the code, fans were directed to the following word grid.

The word grid contains six five-letter words: “Quinn, Becky, Crews, Trick, Brock, Toxic.” The grid presumably makes references to Xyon Quinn, Becky Lynch, Apollo Crews, Trick Williams, Brock Lesnar and NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose. In playing by the Wordle rules, it appears the letters “C” and “O” are part of the correct answer with the word ending in the letter “C.”

This is not the only tease from WWE. A-Kid is seemingly making his return to the programming. He was apparently busy working on his new character, which was introduced through a vignette on the show. The inaugural NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion is now going by the name “Axiom” and being a math wizard is part of his gimmick. Although his face was never shown in the video, fans could immediately identify him from his accent and the back of his head.

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