Brock Lesnar Meltdown At Last WWE Show Revealed

WWE star Brock Lesnar has performed at several arenas including the iconic Madison Square Garden. He had once performed at the arena having 20,000 fans in attendance. Back in 2004, Goldberg defeated Lesnar at WrestleMania 20. Both men were set to leave WWE immediately after the event. As a result, fans decided to hijack their match with loud boos and derogatory chants.



Golberg recalls Brock Lesnar was furious

Goldberg discussed the infamous encounter on Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast. He recalled how The Beast Incarnate was legitimately annoyed at how the crowd reacted:

“I’m trying to get Brock to calm down so he doesn’t rip my head off because he was p****d,” Goldberg said. “As p****d as I was, I got it, I understood. I didn’t really know his situation, but it looked like he wanted to kill me. I was a big, bad dude back then, but Brock’s got that wrestling background. It [a real fight] would have been interesting, man, for sure!”

WWE had added WWE Hall of Famer ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin as the special guest referee for the match. However, even the presence of the popular WWE legend was not enough to make fans interested in a farewell contest between the two outgoing stars.

During the match, Goldberg said “f**k the people” to Brock Lesnar in an attempt to stop his opponent from worrying about the crowd. The WCW icon clarified that he did not mean to insult fans during that character-breaking moment:

“I can see how the public takes that little clip and goes, ‘Oh, Goldberg never liked the business or the people,’” he added. “That’s bulls**t. I just was trying to calm a Beast down. It was a tough night, it was, and I’d love to put that behind me.”

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